Here's a little bit about how Tino & Yolandi met and got engaged. I'm looking forward to their wedding in March at Red Ivory Lodge!

We met in a gym at our workplace in 2009. I was the Biokineticist awaiting a Mechanic to fix up the gym equipment... Instead I got a very handsome German engineer! After the first looks were exchanged and lots of laughing at his sense of humour, it was love at first sight! Long story short…after weeks of pursuing me (without having my telephone number) we went on a date. He left the country the next day and I thought I’ll never hear of him again. He phoned me from the United States every day!!! And I received a postcard every week until he came back……He stole my heart!

After seeing and experiencing Venezuela, Germany, Mallorca, France, Switzerland and Italy together and having the time of our lives he decided to ask me to marry him 31st December 2012 in Namibia (almost home ground!) on top of the Hilton Hotel close to midnight. It was the best New year’s ever! A quick, last minute break away turned out to be our very own fairy tale! 

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AuthorLourensia Burger