Erwin & Carmen came all the way from the Netherlands to celebrate their wedding at Avianto in South Africa. Carmen is a South African who has been living in the Netherlands with her parents & two sisters for 13 years now. 

This was one of those everything-just-worked-perfectly weddings! :)  It was a super hot day, and I was already perspiring like crazy when the ceremony started. A few minutes before Carmen arrived to walk down the aisle, a big cloud appeared. Because the ceremony was outside, I got a little worried (but enjoyed the cooling-down part non the less). At the end, just as Carmen signed her maiden name for the last time, the first raindrop fell. We all hurried inside for cover. While taking the family photos inside, it started to clear up and we had beautiful light for the couple session! :)

Makeup: Image by Suna

Venue: Avianto

AuthorLourensia Burger