Andrew & Lauren got married on the 8th of March in Bloemfontein at Woodlands conference & function venue. Tony from Envie did an amazing job with this wedding! Everything looked so gorgeous!

In case you missed their engagement session, here’s a little story about how Andrew proposed to Lauren:

The Mood... after missing our first flight from Manila we were relieved after two short aeroplane hops and a boat trip to reach our island destination, Apulit in the Philippines... but not that happy about having to leave our luggage behind and go out to dinner in travel clothes.

The ruse... the hotel would take us to another island resort by boat as their way of apologising to us for the mix up.

The truth... Andrew had very cleverly and lovingly set this whole thing up over the last few months AND kept it a secret from... ABSOLUTELY.NO.ONE... except me!!

He did all those good things like ask mom and dad for permission. He designed the ring based on what he knew I liked.

He told the hotel manager that the initial options provided for the proposal location simply weren’t good enough and  that they had to come up with something better. And so the idea of a deserted island, used only for snorkel stops until then, was picked as the place he would pop the question... or would he?

We arrived at the island via speed boat to hotel staff setting up a table for our dinner, our own personal chef and lots of bubbly to enjoy on our blanket while overlooking the moonlit sea, surrounded by candles in the sand.

Well now that I’ve set this beautiful scene you need to know exactly what I said next... and I quote: “Jeepers Ards, if you’re ever going to propose – this is the way to do it!”

I turned towards him only to have a ring thrust at me!

 So in the end I was crying(happy tears of shock,  excitement, disbelief and most of all super mushy romantic love). (gross, I know)

And that’s how Andrew never did get to pop the question...I pretty much did it for him! 


All the people who made this wedding so awesome:

Wedding planner: Tony from Envie

Venue: Woodlands conference & function venue

Video: Rooi stoel TV

Music & Lights:  Executive Sound 

Dress by Joss Bridal

AuthorLourensia Burger