Ok, so this post is a bit different. It’s not my usual wedding and family photos… I decided to donate some of my time to the Tshwane SPCA after reading an article in Beeld - http://www.beeld.com/nuus/2014-08-04-dbv-in-nood-s-kan-lesers-bydra. I just thought to myself, it would be a very very sad day if they had to close their doors because of money (or rather the lack thereof).  Because I could only give a small amount of money, I wanted to help wherever they needed help. So they mailed me back and asked if I could take some new photos for their website :)

The Tshwane SPCA is a non-profit organization that unfortunately has to rely on charity and does not receive any funding from the Government. They are registered with the department of Social development and Welfare.

They also have a charity shop where they sell various items donated by the public. This includes books, clothing, toys, kitchenware and so forth. 

Their website: http://www.spcapta.org.za

Join them on Facebook for the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/TshwaneSPCA

AuthorLourensia Burger