Greg & Debbie came all the way from Dubai to celebrate their wedding with family & friends. They got married at the beautiful Morrells boutigue estate. It's the perfect venue for intimate & romantic weddings. Debbie's dress was made by Immagika Designs, known for their unique and more dramatic wedding dresses. Makeup was done by Janell Donders.

A big thanks to my second shooter & assistant, Elanie Jansen Van Veuren!

Here's a quick story of how they met:

Greg and I met here in the UAE 7 years ago. The day after I landed in this strange country this cheeky man commented "here comes trouble" as I entered the room (little did he know). That was the beginning of a very special friendship which culminated in a sunset proposal on a sand dune in the middle of the desert in March 2014.  And here we were thinking that happiness and romance were reserved for the young and beautiful.

AuthorLourensia Burger